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This story begins in Oregon and reaches Tuscany, in the small village of Radicondoli, on a warm Italian spring day. It is an unusual love story, perhaps, for someone, but love knows no barriers or even identity cards. Love is Love. Chloe and Maryanne are two girls and their dream is to get married and be a family. They have long sought and found the perfect place to celebrate their destination wedding in this small Tuscan village. An intimate marriage, only close friends and relatives. No luxurious villas, just a typical farmhouse surrounded by olive trees. It’s name is Villa le Bolli.
I don’t have a wide experience in samesex weddings, this is the third lgbt wedding for me, but every time I am enchanted by the respect that the guests and families have for the newly wed, from the touching speeches and from the sincere love that is in the air.
Although Chloe and Maryanne have different characters; Chloe is the realistic and practical one while Maryanne is a dreamer, a Disney princess who is constantly looking for her fairytale, they wanted to be bride and bride without distinction, wearing white wedding dresses, but also going out of the tradition by wearing funny colored socks and AllStars sneakers. With also the enormous advantage of being even more comfortable! 🙂
As for me, as a wedding videographer who has been working in the wedding business since 8 years with hundreds of events in my hard disks, I am always very happy of faceing different and bracing situations. I think the job of a good wedding cinematographer is to get the best out of any story, be it a fairytale wedding in a luxury villa in Capri or an intimate DIY wedding in a farmhouse in Tuscany. People make history. And I hope I was up to it this time again. Best of everything girls!

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