gabriela hess calligraphy dolcevita wedding cinema italian videographer

A handmade graphic artwork for our new price list


A couple of years ago I started a collaboration with Gabriela Hess, a Swiss artist and calligrapher because I wanted to change the out of date Dolcevita logo that no longer represented me and my brand. The work was done by hand then digitized later to make it vetorial and usable on the web.
During these years I’ve spent in the wedding industry I have seen many styles become popular, I would say “trendy” and then quickly become out of date. Only one thing I was sure, I didn’t want something trendy. I am not a trendy person and neither are my works. So I wanted something precious, made with love and lasting over time, just like the concept of Dolcevita Wedding Cinema‘s films.

Lately I needed to change our price list 2021, for too many years it was the same, impersonal web page. So I got in touch with Gabriela to explain what I wanted to do: an elegant and clean PDF made only of text – no photos of the bride and groom please! – on a simple background, watercolor or ink brush strokes.
We discussed it a little, on the colors, which I wanted to respect those of the website and the Dolcevita’s logo and on a shape that allowed the text to be readable.
This is her beautiful work, delivered to my studio. the Perfection in a stretch.
This is my concept of Dolcevita, even the most insignificant thing must be precious. As well as the attention we pay to our customers.


gabriela hess calligraphy dolcevita wedding cinema italian videographer

logo calligraphy artwork dolcevita wedding cinema

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