Ciao! My name is Giordano and I am the owner and head director of Dolcevita Wedding Cinema since 2012. I live in Emilia-Romagna, a region in northern Italy, home to great musicians, film’s directors and fast cars; an area with a charm all of its own, albeit little known to outsiders. The region’s harsh winters and misty days encourage us to dream, to spend days around the table telling stories, maybe accompanied by a good wine. Stories to tell, orally, in a book, in a film. And maybe it was during one of these winters that, after 20 years as a photographer in the commercial and advertising sectors, I decided to devote myself to producing wedding videos. Perhaps as I sat imagining one of those stories and dreaming of blue skies and summer temperatures. However, I would never have got where I am today on my own; I believe in teamwork and sharing ideas and the passion for work. And this is why we are such a great team of professionals and, above all, friends. I’d like to thank Alessandro, Marica and Eleonora for all the fantastic work they do. Together, we are Dolcevita Wedding Cinema.

Destination wedding videographer
destination wedding videographer