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Benny and Josephine Engagement in Santorini


It was around midnight about two months ago when Benny, a handsome guy with Dominican heritage, in a Skype call from New Jersey, told me exactly these words “I want to make the proposal to my girlfriend. And I want to do it on a boat, in Santorini. I like your style and I’d like you to film our engagement but I don’t know exactly how to do it and how to explain it to Josephine. Could you help me? ”
“Seriously, she doesn’t know anything? Doesn’t she really suspect something?”
“No, really!”
Well, the fact that everything was real make the event even more interesting, God knows how much I love genuine emotions, but I was aware that some small risk could be after the corner, because in a situation like that, even if you planned everything as best as you can , something can go wrong anyway.
In the following days I tried to put down a draft timeline that made everything safer and “more comfortable” for everyone, when Benny, completely ignoring my suggestions, announced me “I’ve booked a private boat, completely for us, so cool… I wanna make the proposal at sunrise. A shuttle is gonna pick us up at our hotel at 5:30 AM!”
“Whaaat ??” I replied “Everyone goes to Santorini for its breathtaking sunsets, no one is interested in sunrises in Santorini!”
Nothing to do with it, Benny seemed too excited about his crazy idea to change his mind. So, two months later, exactly at 5.30 in the morning, we were with red eyes in front of Cavo Tagoo, one of the most beautiful resorts of Imerovigli, heading for the small port of Vlichada, where a catamaran was waiting for us.
I have to tell you, I’m generally optimistic when I have to face difficult situations shooting weddings or engagements or couple shots, but in that moment, while the boat was shaken by the waves and the wind was heading East in complete darkness, and the expression of disappointment grew on Josephine’s face, I had a moment of real fear.
At this point you will wonder how it went at the end. Probably without happy ending I wouldn’t be here writing …
Shortly after sunrise Benny went down on his knee in front of his beloved. Everything went perfectly. Even the wind was gentle, calming down at that moment. And she said YES with tears of joy finally appeared on Josephine’s face.
The rest of the day is already history. Shooting continued on Vlichada beach, towards Eros beach, where the magnificent friable rock cliffs merge with the black volcanic sand of the beach. And at the and of the day we could shoot even at sunset (remember what Santorini is famous for?) from the cliff of The Heart of Santorini point. Truly one of the most impressive views of the Caldera and the villages of Thira and Oia.
What I have to say? Thanks to Benny, to his stubborn romanticism and courage (despite of everything, his idea was winning!) and thanks to Josephine’s patience. After this “test” we can say that it’s TRUE LOVE! 🙂
I’m sure this engagement film will be great. Because Santorini Island is always breathtaking, because Benny and Josephine are two good looking guys, and why not, because I’m perhaps a good videographer. But overall because the love and emotions of these two guys in love have been sincere.

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