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The HanBok fashion video in Paris



The HanBok Fashion Video in Paris


My talented American colleague and close friend Haseok Chunk, who works as a photographer in the wedding industry, during a Korean BBQ last fall when I was visiting Manhattan, asked me if I wanted to make the video for a line of traditional Korean clothing, the Hanbok, revisited in a glamorous and modern style, by a talented fashion designer from New York. In Paris. In January!! Why not, I answered promptly….and in any case in Paris in January there is the perfect weather for a fashion shooting 🙂 And btw there will also be the Fashion Week so….my answer is absolutely yes!

And so we met again a few months later, in Paris, in front of a pizza, to brief the shooting and review the model’s book. The staff is full, Chung will take care of the art direction, while Ki will be the photographer. Then we have the make up artist, two assistants and of course the fashion designer of The HanBok. I’m the only professional not Korean, but I’m Italian and everyone loves us 😉

The location is the arcades and the exterior of the Louvre museum. The day is overcast and grey, and obviously very cold, in perfect Parisian style, but the light is perfect for the romantic mood and the model’s pearly skin is too. The dresses are surprising, minimal but very elegant and glamorous at the same time. It’s a pleasure to watch them and even more to shoot them. Each frame is beautiful and I am very satisfied with the work. Sure, it’s not a wedding styled one, although some of those dresses can also be wedding dresses for a Korean bride. But I like the work we’ve done and I’ve decided to also publish it on my website dedicated to wedding videos. Ultimately it is always about grace and beauty.



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